Water Broadcasting Secret Stations Exhibition

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24/05/2023 10:00 - 00:00


Skibbereen Town Hall




The IoD (Institute of Dwelling) is a collaboration between artists Marilyn Lennon, Colette Lewis and Elinor Rivers. The IoD presents an exhibition of outcomes from a water divining and mapping workshop including documentation; objects; tools; maps, drawing experiments, etc, from the project Water Broadcasting Secret Stations. 

Water Broadcasting Secret Stations is a creative action adapted from vernacular and folk practices. Our recent research has involved working with water diviners in West Cork. Water divining delves into the Irish underlay, the diviner walks carrying a rod in order to channel a transmission or current from below ground level. This speculative act brings uncontrollable electric signals, ‘water suddenly broadcasting through a green aerial its secret station’, as Seamus Heaney described it.  


Our work explores the intelligence and sensitivities inherent in the body. In this project we focus on the body as an antenna, tuning into the earths invisible forces through divining and experimental mark making. Through this process we are developing a drawing language and vocabulary of mark making that makes the invisible, visible. In this work marginal embodied ways of experiencing the world re-emerge to open up playful and curious entry points to fuel the social imaginary.