Survivor on the Moon

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26/07/2019 16:00 - 00:00


CECAS, Myross Wood House, Leap




Age: 8+ Free 



A workshop towards the 'Young Persons Constitution for Lunar Settlement' with Annalea Beattie


How will you survive on the Moon? When the outside environment is poisonous and harsh, when it promises instant death, when you are confined inside your spaceship under constant surveillance in limited physical space with the same people every day, what do you need to make sure you are mentally and physically well and happy?

This two-hour drawing /writing workshop asks you to bring one or two objects (or ideas) that you think might be important to your own survival on the Moon.

For example, you might bring a book or a football or a shell or a photo or an activity. (Not your phone as it won’t work on the Moon. And no pets. I think they are off the list for the moment.) Please bring something you really like or something you think you might need—something that is important to you. Or you might just bring some good ideas.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing, from our drawings and our discussion, we will put together some draft suggestions for a 'Young Persons Constitution for Lunar Settlement'.

We will write this document and it will be taken to the Moon Village Association for review.

This means that, in the future, some of your ideas might travel into space to help us understand how young people might live together differently, on the lunar surface.

Remember to bring something with you.


Annalea Beattie is an artist who is interested in the role of art and art making in long duration space travel. She is a member of the Cultural Considerations Working Group of the Moon Village Association and an Executive Director of the Mars Society Australia and of the National Space Society of Australia. She is a member of the Association of Mars Explorers and has contributed to three Springer volumes on the role of art in future communities off-Earth.